Our Staff

Barbara Poderick

Barbara has been in the child care field for over 30 years and truly enjoys working with children.  She has a passion for early childhood development and is very knowledgeable in child development.

Elyse Johnson

Elyse has a B.S. degree in Early Childhood Education and has been working in the child care field for over 15 years.  She truly appreciates how important quality education is from the start and enjoys creating and implementing new learning activities with her students.

Dede Eldridge

Dede is our substitute teacher who occasionally fills in for the main teachers when needed.  She has a decade of experience in the Chula Vista Elementary School District and has worked in the early childhood education field for many years.  She is also a former student and teacher!

Rufus (Our Mascot)

Rufus is our school mascot and an adorably fuzzy member of our preschool family.  He loves and cherishes the children and enjoys coming to school each day.  This lovable guy has a heart of gold!